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Originally Posted by JC... View Post
I don't like Harute's fighter mode. It looks pretty daft, probably because of the cockpit, I also don't like the way it looks like a hover tank more than an aircraft/spacecraft. It's not bad, I just think since it's evolved from Kyrios and Arios I expected it to be 'cooler'.

On the up side, I love its Gundam mode.
It evolved from GN Archer as well, who Harute's Fighter Mode looks closer to.

I do not like the Fighter mode as much as Arios's however, I do think the look fits the "heavy bomber" role it seems to now have thanks those two large cannons at the back. But I am even more in love with it now thanks to the pics, especially the MS Mode.

The Swords are swesome, this is where the XN Raiser lineage comes from I guess that Harute also takes some data from.
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