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Arguments belittling part of Bleach continuity because of a biased double standard have no meaning. If you were to seriously argue that Ichigo's power is inaccurate in this arc, it's because the arc itself isn't in normal Bleach timeline. The "writers" don't have a damned thing to do about it.

The whole "Ichigo's abilities aren't working properly because Kubo isn't writing this arc" thing don't even make sense. Simply an opinion based off of an unreasonable and illogical bias, nothing more.
Let me remind you what we're arguing about since you seem way off the main question. We're talking about a hypothetical situation of Ichigo vrs all captains. The only way any arc argument is going to defend your comments would be if Ichigo couldn't go bankai which we have already seen he is able to do in this arc.
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