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Originally Posted by Cox View Post
This is not simple "DBZ" logic because in each arc he has gotten stronger.

Yes it just like very hero in every anime ever created, at least that I have seen (not including technological anime of course like GiTS or Robotech and such I am talking about pure mystical how the hell did you get those powers anime), continues to get stronger with each new opponent he/she faces...timelines aside of course since in DBZ there were many movies released after a timeline had passed so Goku and the others appeared weaker in the movies than they were in the series at that if you follow that logic and consider this an OAV so to speak then the timeline is probably just before HM. However that being said, we do not know Amagai's total strength yet while we do pretty much know Ichigo's give or take a trick lol...However based on all I have seen and the foreshadowing provided in the episodes before, Ichigo is not the most powerful character...Inoue is...if she were evil and had resolve she could simply reject the reality of any of them being born... how's that for speculation?

Besides the true reason for this arc is getting lost...It is after all the Amagai Shuusuke arc...a Brand New this arc is meant to introduce the new character since i suspect he may show up in the the anime crew is showcasing Amagai, showing how mature he is and able to make decisions as well as having the best aikido skills of any of the Gotei13 I have seen to date.
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