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CG coloring discussion thread

Okay, I've been doing more coloring lately, and I believe I've found a good and simple method of coloring scanned images.

I've been experimenting the coloring method (for Photoshop) outlined in Niti's tutorial, but I've found it too tedious and lacking the flexibility I wanted. Instead, I've decided to ditch the whole idea altogether and I've found the best tools of coloring for simple black & white pictures such as the one below are just paintbrush, blur and coloring bucket.

What I do first is clean up the outlines and fill the different areas with different colors of my choosing. Sometimes, when the area's small/simple enough, I just paintbrush over it. I would always make the colors partly transparent ('bout 50%) so the lines I'm coloring over will still be visible. Below is the result.

Then I would choose some shading colors. I either get it from the color pallet, or I would simply play with color transparency. In the example picture below, I employed mainly transparency changes to acquire the darker shading colors. For the lighter colors (on the clothes and hair), I picked them from the color pallet.

Once I've done enough contrast, I begin to clean up the picture with the blur tool.
If I want everything to blend together more, I would use "median" under "filter"
Result below:

Plz, point out any way that I can improve me coloring, and feel free to share your methods of coloring as well.

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