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Originally Posted by ThereminVox View Post
I'm not sure who'd have a fetish for an anthropomorphic assault weapon experiencing her sexual awakening at the sight of her sensei's gentle yet experienced handling of a toy gun, but I have to admit, it is pretty hilarious and oddly endearing.
I found it oddly sexy too. Or maybe not so oddly. The innuendo is pretty obvious, it's just a weird way to frame it.. even for anime.

This show was surprisingly fun. The girls are a riot so far, the only annoying/stupid character is the teacher. He got repetitive even with such a limited presence. I hope he goes away.

I see they went for the Kanokon/Ladies vs Butlers aesthetic. Its a nice choice for erotically aligned comedies, I think. I like that they made it a little sexy without compromising the cuteness levels, that's very important to me. The level of fanservice was at a balanced and unobtrusive level, and I hope it stays that way throughout. While this (like the other two aforementioned shows) probably won't be a slam-dunk, it will be a lot of fun if it stays as good as this episode throughout.
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