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If tag teaming is going to remain in the Tekken series they MIGHT keep doubles. That's really the only way I can see clone characters returning unless they just include them in endings, in passing, or make them palette swaps or something. I would love to see more of Michelle, Forest, Sebastian, and especially Miharu though... so I hope that they'd still be included in future titles even though I'm not expecting it.

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Jin's ending is connected to Devil Jin and the ending of T6 where Jin was found sleeping in the beach.

Asuka's ending is connected to Lili's.

Alex is connected to Roger jr.'s ending.

Xiaoyu, Alisa, Panda and Kuma are connected they're in an amusement park.

One thing though why doesn't Tiger Jackson has an ending. =/
Miharu's ending also connects Xiao & friends' endings to Lili and Asuka's endings.

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