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I lost over 50% of my online matches... actually I only won about 1/3 of the time. I'm not very good at the game and now that I'm using a stick, it makes movement harder to get used to. I'm not giving up though, I just need to learn how to block and counter... and grab... and break grabs... and dodge... and parry... and attack at the right time... and play effectively... but my combos are somewhat decent at least. ^o^

I love Miharu's new photo throw, it's definitely my favorite throw in the game. Too bad it's an item only move, I think her school bag is needed to use it so I'll be equipping that (unless it makes her tag throw with Xiaoyu unusable... which I can see happening since it looks like it starts out the same as Miharu Unlimited, which is the move that leads into her tag throw with Xiao so it probably replaces that move).

I just wish Miharu had even more of her own moves and/or some more of Xiao's old moves. That way they'd both feel like their own characters instead of... well... what Panda and Christie are to Kuma and Eddy (it always bothered me that they never gave those characters their own moves). Fortunately Miharu actually HAS a couple of her own moves unlike Panda and Christie, but judging from the looks of those moves... I would've liked to see more. I really like the looks of some of them, it would've been nice if Miharu had more of those moves and more alterations to the moves she shares with Xiao (like Shooting Star) to show off her personality and unique abilities. ^^;

Like, the differences between Forest and Marshall... or Michelle and Jaycee... they each have like... 10-20 different moves brought back from previous games that make them unique from each other yet similar enough to one another that players that use one won't have too much difficulty getting used to the other. I would've loved that for Xiao and Miharu... especially since Miharu knowing everything Xiao knows doesn't make all that much sense to me. Wang didn't train Miharu... and Xiao could've taught her some things, but not EVERYTHING she knows. Like, Miharu would've had to of conditioned her body and trained for years to do what Xiaoyu does... and Xiaoyu only moved to Japan and met Miharu while they were in highschool... and according to Panda's ending, Xiaoyu didn't even see Miharu for a long time (I consider Xiao & friends' endings canon... because it seems to be showing clips of their everyday lives that have nothing to do with the main story anyway so even if they weren't canon it wouldn't make a difference, but even if they weren't... I mean... Miharu hasn't even been mentioned in a Tekken game before this one since Tekken 4. I kinda assumed that she and Xiao didn't see much of each other since then anyway. ^^; ). I mean, maybe if Miharu like... went to China and somehow found an expert martial artist who trained her to fight just like Xiaoyu? I don't know, I'm just trying to make sense of something that really can't be explained and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

... But yeah... ramblings aside, I wonder when they'll officially announce these DLC characters and their release date(s)?

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