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Karen is going to school now, and probably for as long as the storyline needs her to since it's a plot device, because she can't return to the terrorist place until this cool down, or something like that.
Actually, Rival implied that she'd always been a student there, she just didn't show up much (hence the act she puts on of being weak). It makes a good cover for her but yeah, it's mostly a plot device to keep her around in the character episodes. The thing I'm trying to work out is her background. We know she's got two names and is half-Britannian, I'm sure that makes the family holidays tense.
The man and woman who let Suzaku use that Knightmare, scientists of some sort it seems, don't seem to know what it is that was the "poison gas" really was... or maybe they do, there's a particular conversation that's unclear, though part of it was cleared up when I realized that Suzaku became the "devicer" they mentioned. Their interest seems just to be in developing the mecha technology.
I'm pretty certain there's more to Lloyd than just the 'eccentric engineer' act. He clearly knows Someone Important (he tells Cecile that he couldn't reach 'that person' before Suzaku went to trial) and I can't believe he's just interested in his impressive toy. If I'm proven wrong by the end of the series you can remind me that I said that and I'll happily eat my plate of crow (Pizza Hut crow to be sure).
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