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I don't think it's supposed to work out. Since the anime is out before the actual game, this serves as an advertisement. If they resolved all the issues before the game is even released, who would buy the actual product? We're probably not going to be seeing much resolution, even after the 12th ep is over.
I'm hoping it will all work out well.
I remember that horrible end to Venus Versus Virus... It's been hard to watch (re-watch) that anime since...

The anime probably doesn't even have the same scenarios as the game. If you go look at the posted game CGs, you won't see familiar scenes.
Plus, I think that the crazy old lady isn't in the game.

And, the game has two points of view/scenarios because of Sana/Shuusuke.
Therefore, the game clearly offers something to people that have watched the anime.

13 episodes is the end, not 12.

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