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Originally Posted by KaneDragon View Post
If (s)he can keep his shirt on, maybe I can forget, but between his blushing over Minato and Minato's chapter after chapter of friendship speeches cumulating in making out with a transsexual(?), this situation has left a bad taste in my mouth.
The blushing I find adorable plus I like that he's been emo But it was alittle odd seeing him throw open his shirt and say stuff like Im broken, I dont know whether Im male or female Yeah the speech made me sigh...I liked it better when Musubi said they were here for the rent XD

Kagari started out as a badass ninja--a ninja who was also on fire--but oh how far he has fallen since then. If Kagari starts setting everyone on fire in the next chapter or two, though, he might be able to make up some of his lost ground.
Amen to that! But I guess if your body was slowly repelling against you, it would be hard to act all badass (with a set of A cups no less).
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