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hah, erm...For me Code Geass was immensely enjoyable to watch, it had everything from comedy, romance, action, tragedy and finally most importantly some very likable characters. My favourite character in Code Geass was definitely Lelouche the guy was just too awesome, probably one of my all time favourites now. Even though you people say the impact of code geass will diminish over time within anime fans the initial majority reaction to the end of code geass will always remain when code geass is discussed.

Well, anyways if sunrise ever decide to make further additions to Code Geass I’d sure watch them, hell yeah bring them on! I still wish though that if they do, they somehow figure out an approach to bring Lelouche back into the thick of things, I don’t really want to see Suzaku’s descent into madness, we already know he’s a loon lol nah in the end he was ok, sort of.

That end track ‘’continued story’’ was really emotional, it fitted the final scenes really well, did anyone notice that it never said ‘’the end’’, or ‘’fin’’ at the end lol ah hell who am I kidding. So yah erm so I was saying continued story was nice, just like bratja is from Full Metal Alchemist, another of my all time favourites can’t wait till It starts man it’s going to be groovy. Peace ya’ll
Bratja I must admit, was more awesome than Continued Story, the way they portrayed it in FMA. Are they making a sequel/prequel to FMA or just remaking it? If it is a remake, I doubt I would watch it again, unlikes most people, I enjoyed Code Geass and several other shows above FMA, which even though a great anime, didn't place in a very very high regard.
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