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Originally Posted by Last Sinner View Post
All dependent on one's opinion. I could easily look at a list of your favourites and tear it apart, as you would mine.
Ah, right, you prefer the second season to the first. Mm, I suppose it does depend on subjective experience; Personally. Code Geass S1 was the first anime which had me dying for more on weekly basis, while R2 has never really come close. The memory reset, repetition of plot points, and introduction of far too many side characters to be properly developed probably held me back from embracing the beginning, but then again as far as I know it could've just have been that my priorities had changed.

As far as my favourites go however, I feel they're just about bulletproof: for the longest time it's been Haruhi, Code Geass, Mushishi, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei in no particular order. Mushishi is quite simply beautiful, SZS doesn't take itself seriously enough to be criticized, and Haruhi is just extraordinarily meta. Code Geass feels like it's falling to the back of the pack, but it's still got its spot there in my top four. I'll certainly remember it as my most extensive stint as a shipper, at the very least.
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