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Originally Posted by Sheep_ View Post
Didn't someone have a page count for how long each ep of Umineko was if it was turned in to book form? I mean last time I looked at it each eps was at least 400 pages worth of text.
Yeah, somebody did and I was searching for it (though the search function on this site sucks) was something along the range of Harry Potter, which is I think something about 1 million words.
The average rate for a translation is about $0.10 to $0.15 per word (if you charge per-word rate), so even if you'd discount the company or get them to rip off some pure suckers for translating at a miserable rate (which I myself experienced), you'd still end up with a good maybe 50 grand for all novels combined.

And I don't think it's that easy as just taking a translation that has been done...
I don't know how that works legally, but I wouldn't do it anyway if I was Witch Hunt, because that would be like working for free.
And anyway it would be another thing to discuss with people like Alchemist again, who would need to approve of the translation.
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