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Originally Posted by hoarfrost View Post
It's like putting the other person in a position where they don't want to be the bad guy, thus don't want to respond unfavourably to the advance. I've actually heard of people doing this a lot and the end result is never good for either person.

Assuming this was her intention, which it may not have been but likely was.
Well, I understand the logic behind your position, at least. It's still definitely not how I read it. The other girls seemed pretty committed to her cause, which makes me think she actually had been pinning after him a long time. She's emotionally fragile to be sure, but I don't think she manipulated anyone or intended to do so, and hence I find her a bit of a sympathetic character.

Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
I took that flag exactly the opposite way. What stood out for me was that Tomoe was so irritated when Enishi kept talking about Takako.
I don't think she wants him as he is right now. I read it as "you have so much potential, and you're squandering it on that damn woman". And as Frubam said, simple jealousy could be another cause... knowing she's losing to Takako has to hurt even if she doesn't think the guy is worth much.

I suspect that its just ship tease though. Much as I once would have liked my "Tomoe will whip Enishi into shape" theory to be proved right at once time, that's no longer the case. The end of episode 17 was already a waste of what the arc had been building towards, switching direction on Enishi/Takako would just make it even worse and that level of fail was far enough out of character for the show that I simply cannot see it occurring twice.

Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
I'm expecting things to wrap with a four-part Omurice Girl arc.
If this show ends with a side character arc, I will eat a pair of boxers soaked overnight in Tabasco sauce.

...Am I seriously the only person who believes that this series likes to save it's best cards for late in a cour? I do seem to be one of the few people not surprised that the first half of the second cour was sidestories (with one possibly laying threads for later).

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