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Originally Posted by kuroishinigami View Post
Who's the extreme tsundere schoolmate? Yuuji? :P And who's the teacher? Akira? I don't think she's a teacher, since she's working late sometime, and teacher don't work late.
Yuuko (needs confirmation if she IS gunning for Akihisa)

well Akira makes sense as one as she was stated to be a grad in BSED major in English. And if she is working late, tutor for some kid?

also, I had something:

if F class boys wont listen to the teacher in front of them, then why not change the teacher? at least the class would actually PASS (now who would NOT listen to DAT HAWT TEACHER?) or rather have high marks. Ms. Takahashi would be fit for that, but sadly she probably is conservative in looks and her demeanor too.

bad part of that is as I stated before:
Akira occasionally displays brocon tendencies = impromptu inquisition
because said sister is HAWT = impromptu inquisition + RAEG
DAT FIGURE = all the girls shall probably rage or be envious + RAEG against Akihisa + impromptu inquisition
electric boogaloo = Yuuji + Shouko + taser because leering eyes means unfaithfulness in her book
convenient excuse = all males shall attempt to be friends with Akihisa in order to see sister
lets roll
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