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Originally Posted by Undertaker View Post
Interesting, the LN version I read was the official Chinese release and I not too familiar with the Chinese term of basketball position.

Either way, if the current starting five is going to be Kenshin's best lineup, than it seems that the author is developing team similar to Shaq-Kobe Lakers. With Airi become a beast in the middle and Tomoka as the versatile rover that play according to match-ups and the rest of team are good shooter who can pass, ideal for Triangle. With Maho handling close/mid shots, Saki handling mid/long shots and assist, and Hinata be the pesky defender that does outside shot and act as 2nd ball handler.
Where can I read the Chinese version btw? I'm not a Chinese speaker tho, so I guess I have to go through Google Translate to make sense of it.
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