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Originally Posted by Urei View Post
From my point of veiw you are forcibly trying to contradict an obvious plot setting of this show. I don't know about you but if it were me I'd never fight a high mobility flying unit in a ground unit. Other Gundam series proved this idea to be pretty much stupid. MSG did this, Zeta did this, ZZ did this, 0083 did this, 00 did this, even Seed did this.

Also, I'd love for you to show me a way to fight with Titus against an aerial unit and manage to win in a situation where logic is applied.
What? Fighting a high mobility flying unit with a ground unit is all they COULD do. None of the non-UE suits can fly right now. And that isn't even what you said a few posts before. Besides, the Titus isn't exactly immobile. The AGE system is not telling Flit to fight a DINN with a ZuOOT, if you get my drift.

Gafrans aren't exactly that that highly mobile either. They are the Zakus of the UE, grunt suits with grunt specs. The AGE-Normal was able to take those down with basic levels of mobility. The Zedas is what you are thinking of, and that fight will probably happen and that is when we will probably see the Spallow. Right now, as I said, they have yet to gather enough battle data for the Zedas for anything like that to come out yet.

As to your claims about MSG/Zeta/ZZ/0083, I can remember the Gundam (a ground unit) destroying plenty of flying things all the time, but those shows don't really have flying MS's (Zeta and ZZ have flying transformed MS's though, though I don't remember a battle where a main character was having trouble destroying those transformed MS's just because they are flying). MS's have the ability to boost into the air even if they don't fly, so fighting flying things was really not much of an issue.
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