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The Titus was tailormade to fight in fardain, Remember that the first battle the Baqto was involved in, Flit had difficulty firing the dods rifle because it was too powerful. Also as brightman said, there is no data that the Gafrans have long range weaponry, and if it was the case, I'm sure that the programming of the Age system will take that into consideration. All combat data pertaining to the UE were yielding results that would suggest that a long range attack isn't a viable option for those suits.
Would that data involve the reason why Flit is hesitant to use the DODS rifle? It doesn't seem like it would seeing as how it should only be taking in raw combat data. And if it doesn't take that into account, then having a more powerful rifle should still be a valid option.

I'm curious if that will ever be an issue where the AGE System determines a specific weapon to be suitable and Flit or whoever the pilot is may refuse to use that weapon for whatever reasons even if that weapon might be their only chance at winning. (I would've said surviving but the UE sometimes just spare them anyway.)
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