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This isn't a speculation of "What's Going to Happen?" so much as it's a speculation of what might be causing the curse.

Perhaps Mei Misaki maintains a shadowy level of existence by absorbing "life energy" from the people around her. At a "ghost-level" existence, this simply requires sapping people's energy and vitality.

But the more corporeal/"real" she becomes, the more "life energy" she needs to sustain herself. At a certain point, she has to absorb so much life energy that it kills people.

If people ignore Mei, then all that results is sickness and generally poor health. But if people start seeing Mei, she becomes more "real", which in turn puts greater demand on "life energy".

Now, why is Kouichi immune to this? That I'm not sure of. Maybe he's related to Mei somehow, which gives him a level of immunity?

Anyway, just some random speculations.
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