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Based on what I've seen thus far, Mei seems to either be a ghost, or everyone is denying her existence and once they do acknowledge her existence, then they're the one's going to die next. For example, Yukari died right after seeing Mei with Kouichi. The other instance would be when the nurse acknowledged the existence of Mei by researching about her.

Now Kouichi is actively acknowledging her existence might have already raised a death flag, but at the start of the series, he had already been involved in an accident. So he might have avoided being part of the deaths of April and thus became 'immune' so to speak. Since he had avoided death, he can see Mei without any fear for his well being.

The only hole I see in my theory thus far (aside from the fact if my theory should be proven wrong) is if the realization of Mei is connected to Yukari's mother's death. Does one need to acknowledge her and those related to that person who has thus acknowledged her existence would then have the chance of dying? That's something I'm not quite sure of thus yet.

I could of course be totally wrong and I'm only making crap based on what little I've seen thus far...
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