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Originally Posted by Jimmy C View Post
About Mei's deceased cousin, there are some questions. To begin with, is she really Misaki's cousin? Or did she use that line to divert Sakakibara's attention from something even worse?
Second, if she is Misaki's cousin, then why hasn't the class considered the "curse" to have begun already? Or had their countermeasures set in motion already, only to be derailed by Sakakibara and his noseyness.
Third, one way Fujioka's death won't count is if there's really no Misaki Mei in class 3-3. Therefore, her death is not related to anyone in the class.
So, once again, it all turns on, does "Misaki Mei" really exist?
If Misaki Mei exists and they are just ignoring her, how would they know that her cousin died? It seems like for them she *dosn't exist* but all connected to her dose not exist aswell.
As for teachers... well, for them it's a little different. Even if they would pretend that *there is no Misaki Mei student*, she still will be in class student's list. Well, IF she really exists.

So, yes, there is one big question -- "Is Misaki Mei really exists?"
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