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Oh wow, nice one. I agree with orion's idea that the episode titles seem to refer to the step-by-step creation of a doll or some kind of other artificial being. I skimmed through episodes 1 to 4, and I didn't notice anything that coincides with the titles except for some rather insignificant things. In episode 1, we saw Mei drawing something that she refused to show to the protagonist. It's common sense that everything starts off with a 'rough sketch'. In episode 2, we were shown Mei's drawing, and it since it was pretty neatly drawn, so I guess it could be considered a 'blueprint'. The only noteworthy things that occurred in episode 3 and 4 were the deaths of the class rep and the nurse. We havenít heard anything about funerals or their bodies being buried; perhaps whoever is behind this used the flesh and bone from their bodies? Or maybe the episode titles should be taken figuratively and not literally?

I've been thinking if it's possible that the dolls are actually puppets? All they dolls we've seen so far seem to have movable joints. So if the dolls are puppets, then would be it be safe to assume that some of the dolls are being controlled by a puppet master from behind the scenes? And on that note, I wonder if the puppet master has control over Mei because of her doll eye? What if whatever entity is killing off the people is toying with their 'strings' of fate? It would explain the seemingly accidental deaths.
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