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I think Murder case is a good choice to be introduction episode for Heathcliff, show that Asuna finally join a guild and continuation of pk issue. My personal issue would be I'm not too fond with tsun Asuna of Murder case, I hope she's not too much of generic tsundere character here. I'm also not too fond with detective story in general, which is perhap a good thing because I wouldn't care too much what is cut and what is not

The obvious issue still remain. There is no way they can fit the whole murder case into 1 episode. That's why I believe we don't have to worry about Heathcliff being "too knowledgable". I doubt the anime will go deep into game mechanic anyway. If they are going for dere dere Asuna of volumn 1, they can cut much of tsun scene here as well. As for the murder story itself, well, shouldn't be any worse than RNR should it ??
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