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Originally Posted by Utsuro no Hako View Post
I suppose they could solve the issue with a couple lines of dialogue.

Kirito: How do you know so much about the game mechanics?

Heathcliff: Because unlike everyone else in Aincrad, I actually read the manual.

Another idea that occurred to me is they could replace Heathcliff with Argo and have the knowledge come from her information network. Considering they've already used her as the Mistress of Exposition once, they might as well do it again.
Kirito: That is BS. You're GM, right?
Heathcliff: Wha...what are you talking....wha-WHAT IS YOUR BASIS OF THAT ACCUSATION!!?!
Kirito: I am just joking...why so mad?'
Asuna: Heathcliff-san....This isn't like you...*scared*
Healthcliff: .....
Healthcliff: A-hem...Sorry for my rudeness....As I said before, I read manual...

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