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Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
Just a rough estimate, how long did it take for Haruyuki to grow on you?

Because my friend and I picked vol.1 of this up for a short glance, and half-way through ( around the first time he entered the Accelerated World ), he is so goddamn annoying.
Old reply, I know, but I'm confused about how people find him hard to endure even at first sight.

So Harayuki took me just the intro chapter to like. Harayuki is a breath of fresh air, because unlike other down-in-the-dumps main characters who need a manufactured reason to be emo pushed to us in order for us to believe it, his very appearance suggests that he's far from living the time of his life.

In short, he's an instantly believable character and the author doesn't need to waste any part of the intro chapter to persuade us. Instead, every page is used to push new characters and the Accel World to us.

And up to where chapter 5 is, I'm pretty hooked.
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