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Originally Posted by ~Yami~ View Post
ah! I just read this manga

my first impression : a pig?? what the!! how can the main character turned to be a very lame character!!!!
how can a pig like him can be matched with super moe beautiful vice president Black Snow??!!

but after an advanced reading....
this is awesome manga!! they actually show the development between each character.... I never know this strange couple can be so lovely and I can't wait to read the next chapter... Haruyuki is really smart and finally showed some guts to face the reality.... nice one!

Is this Light Novel adaptations?? I wonder if I can read the translated one....
Accel World novel isn't translated but the other series by the author Sword Art Online is being translated over on Baka-tsuki.

Also after reading chapter 6, Taku strikes me as seriously broken in the head.

I was influenced by a certain group overflowing with madness and started trying to write a story. Please give it a try. Crashed into Fantasy
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