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I think it's easy for kids to not think so much of the disappearances when the adults all show a happy face. They're taught obedience to authority, probably that they shouldn't ask about such things, and it's easy to get the feeling you'll just be causing a scene by panicking when everyone else acts as if everything is fine. When you look at the scene when the kids were talking about scary rumors, they were all dismissive of the rumors, including Saki, at least on the outside. There are many rumors and horror stories, but just because there are two coincidences doesn't mean they're true. When two of my classmates died within the time span of a year I didn't just assume my class was getting annihilated one after another.
Yeah, a classmate disappeared and some other guy from school did too, but I don't think that'd be enough to cause a panic. People can "disappear" for a variety of reasons and we don't even know if the kids know they disappeared for real, or if they simply stopped coming to class. With how the world is set up (a teacher wasn't even willing to acknowledge the possibility of someone cheating) I wouldn't be surprised if the kids never got an explanation for why their classmates stopped coming to class. After a while they simply let it go. People forget easily about those they aren't particularly close to.
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