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Originally Posted by technomo12 View Post
ok guys i would like some answers to some of my questions

the part where in the temple where the main heroine powers is supposed to be sealed or removed is it further because really i have been lost on about it

i mean when the say sealed aint it supposed to be un usable?

soo to my question and on wiki sealed powers yet they can still use it??
my head is going nuts right now
They did not seal all her powers but just handicapped her so she's not as powerful as when she first got them. This is done to all the kids in the village and from what I understand they stay that way until adulthood when they've learn to fully control the power.

Originally Posted by ninryu View Post
I find it really disturbing that nobody pays any note to how their classmates suddenly vanish.
it's obviously some weird brainwashing and manipulation going on around here. I'll even go as fare as saying hypnosis we're already dealing with Psychokinesis here so it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility. After all wasn't that emperor able to set people on fire just by thinking about it? Pyrokinesis if I remember right.

So a couple of things that stood out to me this episode.

They mentioned a Goat Moth colony so to would seem that are indeed more villages out there then just this one we're see right here.

Also am I just reading too much into it or doesn't seem like Satoru is a little envious of Saki's little crush on Shun? That way he committed on how Saki always listens to Shun sounds like a bit of jealousy on Satoru's part.
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