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Originally Posted by BoyTitan View Post
Not taking orders does not mean she thinks no differently than a cold calculated machine that is all she is. There is not a ounce of humanity in that woman in her eyes the gun was messed up that defies order she stunned kogami and corrected it that was all it was to her. She can't see the bigger picture cause she thinks no differently than a machine.
Huh? I think you misunderstood that scene. Akane saved Kougami, deliberately shooting first so that Kougami would be knocked out rather than die. It will have been blatantly obvious to her and to everyone else there that the Dominator was not randomly malfunctioning and the Chief was controlling it, which has huge implications. The Chief will also have known what those implications were. Akane said that the Dominator was malfunctioning as an excuse for intervening, and because she managed to pull it off so calmly, everyone there was able to leave without the situation escalating.

Akane is one of the kindest members of the cast, and one who has been shown to think for herself. If she's a machine and inhuman, who knows what depths of uber-machinery and inhumanity the rest of the cast has descended to!
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