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Top 10 Anime Songs

One notable entry this week is a song from 2016, “Tomoyo – Kono saki mo zutto”, used in the 24th Crayon Shin-chan movie that same year. The video for the song about a lasting friendship stars the famous Japanese comedy trio Dachou Club, and one of its members, Ryuhei Ueshima, suddenly died last week at age 61. Video views for the track are at No. 1 this week, reflecting the shock and sadness of fans reacting to the news of the beloved veteran slapstick comedian’s death.

<=> (79) 10. Masaki Suda, "Niji" (Stand by Me Doraemon 2 TM)
+RE (51) 9. Ketsumeishi, "Tomo yo ~ Kono Saki mo Zutto..." (Eiga Crayon Shin-chan: Bakusui! Yumemi World Dai Totsugeki/Crayon Shin-chan: Fast Asleep! The Great Assault on Dreamy World! TM)
Spoiler for video:

^-1 (71) 8. YOASOBI, “Kaibutsu” (BEASTARS S2 OP)
V+1 (23) 7. King Gnu, "Ichizu" (Gekijouban Jujutsu Kaisen 0 TM)
<=> (21) 6. King Gnu, "Sakayume" (Gekijouban Jujutsu Kaisen 0 ED)
<=> (54) 5. Official High Dandism, “Cry Baby” (Tokyo Revengers OP)
<=> (5) 4. BUMP OF CHICKEN, "Chronostasis" (Meitantei Conan: Halloween no Hanayome/Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween TM)
<=> (23) 3. Aimer, "Zankyosanka" (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2/Entertainment District Arc OP)
<=> (6) 2. Gen Hoshino, "Kigeki" (SPYxFAMILY ED)
<=> (5) 1. Official High Dandism, "Mixed Nuts" (SPYxFAMILY OP)
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