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Originally Posted by Seiryuu
I've been watching Sailor Stars, and I noticed something. The new sailors really are GUYS! Their transformed versions too. At first I thought they were girls pretending to be guys as some sort of subterfuge. Then I thought it might be some sort of Ranma 1/2 thing going on. But no. Their senshi uniforms have pads, which are only noticeable up close. PADS. Why couldn't the first male senshi be suited up as proper guys, instead of forcing them to wear falsies? As if the new suit style wasn't bad enough(all they'd need is a whip or a chain to complete the S&M motif), they had to be male?!! That's sick. Funny in some ways, but still seriously sick.

I wonder how the girls will feel when they find out that they've been swooning over a bunch of drag queens?

You are totaly wrong. I suggest you watch the episodes again and maybe open your eyes this time In the anime they are guys that transform into Sailor GIRLS.
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