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Originally Posted by Yoko Takeo View Post
Brosnan was only good on Goldeneye (Xenia ). After that, he was a douche. Sean is a given though, I won't comment on him. Dalton's the best one imho tho.
No NO, Sean was the best

We should start a thread/poll about that

I wouldn't really see it as a failure. To me, it's more like a chance to grow and learn more about how to handle a relationship. Any good relationship is hard to break out of but you always gain something from it just as much as you lose something. I was speaking about this to an old friend last night actually. With my ex, for instance, it was really hard to break out of but I also realized through her some of my own previous mistakes and learned more about what makes for a healthier relationship, that being one of trust but also one where both sides can think things through on their own. I'm not saying this specifically should happen every time, but it's just an example of how one can learn from past heartbreaks and know how to deal with future relationships better.
Sorry, I didn't express myself well. I just point that some people sound bitter about it, and claim things as if people who don't experience that do not exist. I met many people who sound like that, and it's quite clear to me that they consider that as a failure and are bitter about it, and so generalize.

As I said ealier in this thread, people should cheer up for the people, and only comfort them when necessary.

Ascaloth's relationship is still on the right track, I would dislike to see people saying to him "but just wait till it fails". Sorry I dislike that mentality whether it's serious or not. It's ok to say to them to be careful though. That they have to work hard to make it lasts (what Ledgem usually does in this thread)
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