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Originally Posted by synaesthetic View Post
It's pretty rare to get gay-bashed on asuki. The regulars are pretty progressive folk. I'm a trans female and I identify as a lesbian, so I'm even more open to ridicule, and nobody here's given me shit for it at all.

I wish I could ask about my dating problems here but I'm really not ready to share the reason for the problems with everyone here. It took me a while to even tell some of my real-life friends, but I hope I can do something about it... otherwise I'm doomed to keep breaking relationships.
On the flip side of that coin, those who do gay-bash others here tend to get nutjob-bashed by everyone else almost instantaneously.

Hey pal, I've been meaning to ask you; how's your situation currently? You were in a bad way the last time you talked to us, so how are you holding up now?

And besides, I dunno what reasons you may have for not being ready to talk to us about your dating problems, but I'm sure if you can work it out, we'll be ready to listen anytime.
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