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Originally Posted by Maki Casanova View Post
Hmm.. You guys are a pretty interesting bunch, although I'm not that interested about James Bond. Now that you guys mention it, the "Womanizer" song kinda suits him... If he cat walks around and 'round holding a rose between his teeth and acting all... flamboyant. Haha. xD

Anyways, I myself have a... love problem. I'm a girl, you see, and I've started to massively crush on these two girls in my classes (all in all, I actually have four, but I don't feel as strongly as with the other two, and yes, I am lesbian). I find of them really attractive (yes, I shamefully admit I am shallow), but I'm tongue-tied in my efforts to strike up a conversation. I'm a shy type when it comes to things like these, V_V and my conversational skills are pathetic, sadly.

I'd like to know if you guys have any advice for me; that is, if you don't mind my orientation.
I don't expect really, really good advice, but maybe an encouraging word or two may help.

~Maki, The Child of Darkness
TBH I'd be more surprised if you weren't attracted to them... in general the first thing you notice are someone's looks.. then you get to know the person beneath.. (at least, IMO)...

And yeah, no one's going to bash you here, you've got people like synaesthetic (who is incredibly brave to be so open about her gender status and mad kudos to her) and me here (who's a biexual poly woman), so yeah if they handle us, a lesbian won't make em bat an eye

Anyhow, if you don't know if they're gay, IMO, get to know them better and ask them; and they should also know that you are gay, but are interested in being their friend, not just pursuing them. Honesty is the best policy IMO. Besides, as you get to know them better, you may decide that staying friends is the best option. There may be some quirks you didn't notice before that would drive you batty were you to start a relationship with them.

And if they're the kind to go "eww, lezbo!!" then frankly they're not worth your time even getting to know, IMO.
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