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Originally Posted by Zero Shinohara
The case with Suisei Seki is similar, too. Even though she realized she'd been picky on him, she still wanted him to look after her and like her. I was a bit pissed at Jun when he only apologized to Hina instead of Suisei aswell, when they blew the egg's crap outt'a the microwave. You see that Suisei Seki was hurt there, but I don't think anyone would have a different reaction, since Hina's never picked on Jun, but Suisei's another story.
I think Sui is just reaping what she has sown, in a way she has trained Jun to act the way he did. He most probably thought that the whole thing was Sui trying to pick on Hina and get her into trouble.

Originally Posted by Zero Shinohara
It's funny because, with RM, you're first taught to HATE the characters before loving them.
That's a very good point, apart from characters with bit parts, the only person I liked from the start was Nori and I still would not like to see whats going on in her head... Might make for an amusing omake...

Originally Posted by physics223

If anyone would ever be a villain here, it would be Rozen, as Zero (I think) stated in pages before because she made those dolls only to destroy one another ... to become Alice.
Ever since my misdirected anger at Rozen when is should have been aimed at Enju I've been thinking about Alice and the Alice game. I was wondering how much the maidens actually know about Rozen and his real wishes, since they did mistake Enju for Rozen could they be mistaken by other things? For example did Rozen change his mind about how to become Alice because of Jun and Shinku or did he just make a little more clear what he is expecting from them?

Originally Posted by Flo
Fixed for great justice.

Because of this, I have kidnapped Gin! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA~! If you wanna see Gin ever again, send me US$100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 in ransom or the Junk gets it. >=D
Errr Flo her wings are still free... RUN AND HIDE!!!!

Originally Posted by Zero Shinohara
Doujins are fan-made manga (as far as I know), though the name normally brings up porn doujins, which are like hentai mangas of other series...

Wow, you're 18 and you don't know Doujinshi? ... Maybe I do need a girlfriend after all.
Or they need to watch Comic Party

The RMT thread had the most posts in the fansubs section

Good luck to everyone with exams!
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