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No! No~! Place me beside Suigintou ... and then Lost, ZS, and I can have a foursome. Bwahahahahaha !!! Suigintou will learn the meaning of PLEASURE! lol
Dude, that just scared me! You realized how odd it sounds to hear "Let's have a foursome with a sexual organless doll", first thing in the morning?

J/k, letz do it. /gg

Originally Posted by physics223

Guys, if anyone can help me review about the organ systems in humans, give me links, please ... I don't want to study anymore ... lol

When they ask a question about organ systems describe the anatomy of a Rozen Maiden instead
Lol, yeah. "Humans are made out of porcelane, and their limbs linked together by plastic joints. Their insides are empty, but they are warm and their hearts are warm and lovely (!?1?11)".

And sorry, I can't help you there. It's been a looong while since I've taken any biology class. Actually, I haven't taken any science class since I stepped on the US, since I got all the credits I needed from my freshman year back in Brazil. I've been wondering if I should start learning by myself, just so I can still tell the difference between Medical Nitroglicerin and TNT

Someone said that in the extra drama CD Nori imagines having sex with her brother. Yes. That's twisted ... okay?
LOL! Actually this IS true, and there's even proof of it in the anime. I thought I might have imagined things, but go back at episode 10/11 of Rozen Maiden, when Suisei Seki and Sousei Seki ask for Nori's help to get into Jun's head and try to save her. She's dreaming, and says something like... "No... Jun-kun.. you shouldn't...", then wakes up. Do it do it, you'll see it's teh tr00.

Do anyone here knows good RM doujins? Maybe my group can release something. ^_^
Personally I don't really like seeing h-doujins of series I really like, and this is even worse with RM, since it's a show I like, and I could never think of the dolls with sexual conotation. Maybe a few weeks in the future :P

But oddly enough, I just found one Rozen Maiden doujin, and it was Jun + Hotaru.
But since my fake hentaisource account has been disabled and I'm yet to exchange another one for a highly hacked Gunbound account with a friend, I can't check it there <.<

Suigintou really grew on me. And I realized that when I had her as my wallpaper, avatar, desktop ...
This happened to me with Tessa, from FMP!. I really liked her, but I really started to get passionate about her after watching TSR and staring for hours at my wallpaper

It's the start of a whole new day...and having slept less than 5 hours (very poorly I shall add) and then being awakened by the horrendous and annoying sound of my keyboard-tappind-mouse-clicking-god-damn-WC3-player younger brother, I was forced to an intake of caffeine ten times higher than a normal human should ever have. (Literally, my secret recipe for waking up after short nights is a coffee cream, consisted of 1/4 cup of coffee, 1/4 hot water and 1/4 sugar. )
Prepare yourselves, 'cause today I'm really gonna pick on the topic with overwhelming madness!

Sometimes I look back and think to myself, "how the hell did I manage to screw this up?"
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