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Traumend Episode 2

Armed with Ayu's sub of the 12th and final episode of Traumend, I've finally gotten down to rewatching Traumend, right from the 2nd episode. (Rewatched 1 several times already, I can remember each scene off the back of my head) Since I've got nothing better to do (Holidays, you see) and wishing to provide some material that we fanboys (and girls) can start posting on again, I've decided to post some screen-caps of my favourite parts, and what I think are the highlights of episode 2 (with respect to the dolls only). This is not meant to be an episode review, just a capture of the doll's expressions/actions/and kawaii-ness accompanied by my comments. Hope you fanboys and fangirls enjoy.

Spoiler for episode 2 and length:

Well, pls leave a comment. If you guys like it, I'll try to do the same with the rest of the eps as I get to them. If you don't, let me know and it'll be scrapped.

p.s. Captures were from Ayu's wonderfully high quality subs. Great job guys!!

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