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I don't really know how to descibe the expression on Shinku's face here. Perhaps its one of relief, having gotten the burden off her shoulders after telling the rest about Bara, and also I like to think it shows her graditude at Jun's thoughfulness for her--first, being concerned about here (we see too how much Jun cares for Shinku) and buying the musical box for her.
Wow, it's episode 2 that Jun buys them music boxes? I really should rewatch it sometime.
And yeah, that scene was really touching. Her expression of amuzement at the box was also very cute; I must admit that seeing a smile on Shinku's face is something worthless.
She also puts it under her Kunkun doll's arm (She really does love Kunkun a lot, too. ), and that really shows how much she's liked her present.

But I felt kind of sad because nor Jun nor Shinku could speak to eachother at the beginning. With Jun studying, he constantly asked her if she wasn't going to sleep. To me, she wanted to be awake to be by his side a little longer, aswel as to not having to sleep and have dreams about Suigin Tou.

Also, physics, I think you're a liiiittle bit off when you say that "The second series comes right after the first one...".
I'd say that between Rozen Maiden and Traumend there's at least a 1-month gap (But that could be more, since we see that Jun has already been studying for a while, and even Hotaru gets amazed at how far he'd gotten with his studies in such a short time. )
No worries, though. Everything else's just fine.

The RMT thread had the most posts in the fansubs section
BY FAR, you mean :P
I think we have over 2 times the second highly posted topic!

Sometimes I look back and think to myself, "how the hell did I manage to screw this up?"
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