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Why not do a fresh capture from the LDs? For a composite D2-mastered show (like Sailor Stars is -- as is most TV anime from the 90's) they'll give better video quality than DVD anyway. It seems silly to go from LD -> SVHS (adds noise, wow, flutter, lowers horizontal resolution) and then from SVHS -> DVD (halves vertical color resolution, adds quantization artifacts) before doing the final conversion to MPEG-4.

Lately I've been getting miffed at the number of people who seem to think LD doesn't exist even though it's the best quality source for pretty much any 20th century TV series (because the master tapes for them are NTSC-encoded, which LD reproduces better than DVD) except for the very few that have been remastered from film prints.

I'm this close to getting a Gundam X LD box set just so I can make some better raws for someone to sub, I'm getting tired of seeing lousy HK DVD rips. My Pioneer Elite CLD-99 will produce video quality that utterly destroys the HK discs. (It has a built-in 3D comb filter)

Seriously folks, if you want to sub an 80's or 90's TV series, especially one that doesn't have a R2 DVD release, get a good quality LD player (a Pioneer CLD-704 is pretty good quality and can be found for fairly cheap on ebay). If the player doesn't have a 3D comb filter (most don't except for the best-of-the-best like the CLD-99, LD-S9, HLD-X9) then run the composite output through a SVHS deck that has a 3D comb filter (all good top-end decks have one) before you capture it, and you are guaranteed AWESOME quality video.

Yah I realize the video quality is gonna go downhill anyway when it's converted to MPEG-4, but at least you won't be having heavy lossy digital generation loss. Can go straight from LD to huffyuv and then encoding with subs in Xvid or whatever. Much better video quality. Plus you can use the LD player's digital audio output to get a real uncompressed PCM audio stream.

ah well ^^; Just suggestions for folks.
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