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Originally Posted by Fntc
Why not do a fresh capture from the LDs? For a composite D2-mastered show (like Sailor Stars is -- as is most TV anime from the 90's) they'll give better video quality than DVD anyway. It seems silly to go from LD -> SVHS (adds noise, wow, flutter, lowers horizontal resolution) and then from SVHS -> DVD (halves vertical color resolution, adds quantization artifacts) before doing the final conversion to MPEG-4.
I love my LDs, and there's no way that I'll give them up.

That said, we're going to be doing a couple of older OVAs this summer, and while we won't have fancy comb filters (I've got consumer grade gear from Panasonic), we *will* be skipping some of the interim encoding and doing things the easy way:

LD player -> DV bridge (aka my Sony video camera) -> XviD

Arguably we could go so far as to grab a supergen off eBay, add it to the process, and just encode that as well...

I also think that one of the reasons people also want to MPEG-2 things before taking the final step is that people are spoiled by CG anime and aren't used to seeing dust, grain, crosstalk, etc. and want to filter it out. TMPEG's noise filter does a great job (at the cost of some sharpness and detail), but you do lose colour in the process.

Go Go D1.
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