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Probably the biggest nitpick for now is that Light's actor doesn't look the part at all. He's not a bad actor per se but he looks too old sometimes, and there was also something off that I couldn't really pin down. Maybe he just didn't feel natural.
Movie's Light is suppose to a university student in his late teens, early 20's here. Still I still find his face kinda too round for the role of Light.

But maybe because I have read the manga before.....Light ,the megalomaniac, having a girlfriend feels kinda wrong. In the manga, he is too self important to be involve in a relationship if it does not serve a purpose. So what was he doing with Shiori before he got the DN ?

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On the other hand, I thought L was quite fine, and the fangirls in the audience were more than 10000x pleased with him .
L is easy to do. He is, afterall, very much older than Light in the manga and you can call him an eccentric genius. So just get any good young actor to act how he suppose to act and there you have it.
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