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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
Well White Fox didn't write the story though .
They left out elements that would have made it seem a bit more down-to-Earth. Elements that trinitem alluded to.


Still I guess I reacted differently to the ending myself. I felt it was a very fitting conclusion because his whole struggle was essentially to preserve the jovial life they had before.
His main struggle was to save Mayuri and Kurisu. Him succeeding at that much is perfectly fine with me. But this ending went farther than that. A bit too far, imo. There was not enough feeling of lasting sacrifice, imo. Nobody even seems worse for wear.

The anime did show he was hospitalized.
They didn't even show him in a hospital bed.

It wasn't like he just got up after his stab wound and started doing jumping jacks.
It's not like we ever get to see him suffer actual negative after-effects from the stab wound.

We don't know how long he spent there, but I think we should assume long enough to recover.
I would have preferred to have seen the price he paid captured better than what it was in this final episode, imo.

The only one he wasn't that close to prior to all these events was Moeka. Moeka he forgave in a previous episode and found pity for her.
So much so that he's now "hitting on her", apparently.

This was an extension of kindness on his part, and just shows how great of a person he really is imo.
Arguably, it shows an inconsistency in his character. He goes from almost brutalizing her a few episodes ago to this?

Sorry, Reck, it does stretch believability for me.

Most of this I could swallow, but collectively, it feels almost too good to be true.
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