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Honey and Clover II

It's finally airing next week, June 29. Although I was evidently satisfied with the first season of Honey and Clover, I hope that the second season can deliver as well or even better than the first. Especially with all the juicy manga bits I've spoiled for myself, I definitely can't wait for *explosions* to happen between the characters.

(I'd kill and probably die with extreme happiness if
Spoiler for season II:

I also probably wouldn't care if it ended there. I just want to see that animated. Oh, and another thing, the OP and ED will be done by the same guys who did the first season's OP and ED! Yay! I don't know the exact placement, but it's still going to be Yuki and SuneOHair (I Waltz.)

I hope the music, the animation, and the story stay as strong as the first season. I'm hoping for that much, because it would be a sin to H&C's manga and mangaka if the producers carelessly animated such a masterwork, a fountainhead of great romance.
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