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Didn't know there was such a thread. I went to Japan for 11 days end of March through first week of April 2017. Very much enjoyed it! The main reason for my trip was to catch the cherry blossom bloom, but unfortunately it was a late bloom. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED the food there. The curry and the ramen was so good! The sushi was good, but I would say it's on par with here in SoCal. I spent most of my days in Tokyo visiting the districts and tons of restaurants and markets. I did go to Kyoto for 3 days to visit Mt. Inari, the Hello Kitty Cafe (my friend's choice, not mine lol), and the golden temple as well as another one which I forgot the name of. Japan is VERY expensive, but it was worth it. I definitely will be coming back because I barely scratched an inch of the country.
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