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Originally Posted by EnOfEridu View Post
Maybe it has been answered elsewhere. But if the NerveGear intercepts all signals from the brain, how does it keep the body functioning. Recently i read an article about alcohol poisoning that stated that alcohol overdose kills because it depressed the autonomic breathing function, so the body "forgot" to breathe. If all signals are being intercepted, the body would die in 3 minutes. Tops.

Also, it's really the "game time" in sync with the "real time" I'm convinced it isn't, for the argument above and a the fact that so far the only deaths reported are people who got their helmets out by relatives and people who were killed by the game. Nobody has died of starvation/dehydration of their real body.
Obviously you don't intercept ALL the signals. just the signals pertaining to the 5 senses of the body is enough. Also, isn't there something like IV for people in comatose so that they won't die?
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