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Originally Posted by squaresphere View Post
You're probably right, i don't know much about space physics :P

but then that's an even better argument. If speed is constant than the sniper pod could do max damage even at point blank range.
I'll have to check with my sources, but IIRC when a round leaves the barrel it's already at max muzzle velocity, which then drops off due to friction and shit.

Of course if you're going to be shooting at point blank range it defeats the whole purpose of a sniper gunpod Muzzle velocity is also merely one aspect of how stopping power is calculated; for example a 9mm pistol round has a higer muzzle velocity than a .45ACP round fired from the Holy Pistol built by St. John Moses Browning, but the .45 does more damage due to being a larger round, having a heavier and bigger slug, and being of a Holy and Pure Union blessed by God. (Sorta an in-joke among some guys I know. The full line went, "This union of .45ACP and 1911 is a Pure and Holy one, blessed by God, for verily while the 9mm might expandeth, the .45, being blessed by God, shall never shrinketh.")

But yes, generally speaking, with ballistic weapons you'd want it to be able to do damage at all ranges, as it should. Of course depending on your ammo firing at point-blank range isn't really a good idea; first you've got to get into point blank range, absorbing god knows how much damage there, then you've got to fire, and if you're using HE ammo or API shells or DU or, god forbid, the "inhumane" HE/API Raufoss Mk 211 rounds, it's not a good idea to be at point blank range, because you could pwn yourself by your own ammo. There are recorded instances of German BF-109s and -110s getting pwnt by the bombs they dropped because they were too close to the explosion.

Besides, again, it defeats the whole purpose of a gun if you're going to use it at point blank range: the gun is for ranged combat, for staying away from the enemy. If you're going to close the distance and get up close and personal you might as well junk it for a melee weapon.
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