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Code Geass's rating was actually not very impressive for a prime time anime, if I remember correctly. R2 rarely (if any) even reaches 4. That series was mostly supported by otaku crowd, teenagers, and fujoshi.
You could really say exactly the same thing about Star Driver and Sengoku Basara Two though, considering they also ended up with similarly low ratings. Then again, I remember Code Geass R2 did rank very high on the "most recorded" lists and still sold more than enough discs to make up for the TV ratings, so it's a complete non-issue.

It's also worth pointing out here that the original Code Geass series never aired on such a prime time slot to begin with, and instead the show had a late night Thursday/Friday broadcast where low ratings are considered sufficient.

Honestly, the only shows with relatively good ratings airing on the "new" Sunday time slot have been Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, though obviously even they -and Gundam Age itself- would have probably performed better back in the old Saturday slot instead. Which is why it would be even more meaningless to bring up SEED, SEED Destiny or even Mobile Suit Gundam 00 ratings as a point of comparison.

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