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Originally Posted by Silvance View Post
wait... did you just say you SKIPPED TDA01? Whoa, whoa, WHOA!!!
Only the dead can know peace from this evil. щ(゚Д゚щ)

That one is very important since it's necessary for world building in regards to what Babylon Tragedy brought to mankind. Not to mention, it's also the segment that introduces you to the best protagonist that has hailed the muv-luv universe, and the only female character that can be called, "Ultimate Loyal Waifu," and also Meiya's equal.

Attention: the last sentence was my subjective opinion. Do NOT lynch me.

Damn, I need to get myself under control. I apologize for the fanboyism just now.

ah.. texthooker. If you are still up to it, use an older version of ITH and not the newest one. I've heard it works for TDA01 and 02.

As for Owarinaki Natsu, Towa Naru Shirabe...

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

I plan to read it soon since I completely adored Ritsuko. Besides, the childhood flashbacks might have Shizuku somewhere in the background. lol.
Ah ha ha, ok, i promise to find time to sit down and read it through. The AGTH i'm using only works for TDA00 and TDA01, have not heard anything working on TDA02 yet. Tried all the different versions too. Edit: I dled and tried
ITH but none of the versions work for rUGP v6.0. Guess i'll just have to wait for a patch to come out.

And yes, Ritsuko is great, especially after Owarinaki. You would definitely like her since she is so much like Mitsuki in attitude. I would love to have the two of them meet in the ML setting.

Originally Posted by Silvance View Post
Chaos, that's what happens. Sorry for not answering your question. I've heard there's a translation in progress even though we haven't heard much about it lately. It'd be best for you interest not to get spoiled regarding the main events. I already shared more than I was supposed to... ah... what the heck..

Spoiler for C3:

There's a translation? Any idea who's doing it? I only know of the German novel translation thats ongoing.

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