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International Saimoe League 2010

Starting January 1st 2010, International Saimoe League 2010 will begin after two successful years. The website for 2010 is currently under construction, but you can still access all of the data for ISML 2008 and 2009 with the below link. While most of the ISML procedures will stay the same, there will be changes that the ISML staff believes will produce a more fun and exciting year. Here are a few things you can post about while waiting for ISML to start:
  • Which characters will you nominate for ISML 2010?
  • Which new characters from 2009 will have a good chance in ISML 2010?
  • Which ISML 2009 characters will gain/lose popularity?

Remember to participate in ISML next year! You can visit us at the link below:

International Saimoe League 2010

The person you want to be, things you want to say,
Important things, things that are true,
Who you are, what you've yet to realize,
Mysterious things, happy things,
All of these are inside yourself.

If you want to help us out in running this event, visit us @ #ISML on

Nomination Phase:
-This year, the nomination slots increased from 8 to 10!
-But there's a catch. You have to nominate from 3 different series.
-Oh, and you also have to nominate at least 4 characters!
-Slots are unweighted, so all of your nominees receive 1 vote each.
-This phase will last for one week, starting from January 1 to January 7 of 2010.

Do NOT Nominate:
Spoiler for characters already qualified:

Preliminary Phase:
-Preliminaries will change vastly from 2009. It will be more difficult to enter the regular season.
-A total of 126 characters will participate from other saimoe tournaments of 2009 and the nomination phase.
-The first six voting days will consist of groups of round-robin, producing 14 which will advance.
-Then, the remaining contestants will enter a single elimination tournament, producing 14 more which will advance.
-Finally, Repechage rounds will accept 6 more contestants.
-This phase will last for about one month, starting from January 29 to February 27 of 2010.

Round-Robin Phase:
-The total contestants in the regular season have been reduced from 64 to 50.
-The seven periods will remain, and there will be an almost one-week break between periods.
-There will be no overtime. A draw will be credited as a draw; there will be no need for overtime wins or overtime draws.
-This phase will start March 14 and end August 8.

Double Elimination Phase:
-For the most part, Double Elimination will stay the same.
-Relegation matches will not happen for ISML 2010, but they will be replaced by more Exhibition matches.
-There will be no overtime. The head-to-head result during the regular season will be the first tiebreaker, followed by more tiebreakers.
-This phase will start September 6 and end October 2.

Exhibition Matches:
-Exhibition matches will occur during the ISML regular season as well as Double Elimination.
-Note that exhibition matches do not follow the rules of ISML and has no effect on the main tournament.
-You are not forced to vote in these matches, but participation is encouraged.

ISML Fantasy:
-ISML Fantasy will be held at the ISML Forums.
-Registration for a period of Fantasy will be the fantasy prediction of the first match of that period.
-The winner(s) of Fantasy may participate in selecting characters for exhibition matches.

Saimoe Statistics:
-As some of you may have noticed, our Statistics Page now includes other Saimoe tournaments.
-Check out past results for Saimoe 2002-2009 and KBM 2006-2009 to find out more about the history of saimoe.
-As this section of the site is new, there may be mistakes, so please note if you find any.

Technical Changes:
-After ISML 2009, minhtam1638 has resigned from the Commissioner Post.
-As for ISML 2010, the Commissioner for ISML will be Crisu.
-A short storyline will be presented at the beginning of each period.
-Our staff has grown as well, and you can find out who they are once the ISML 2010 site is up and running.

Rules for posting in this thread:

General Rules:
  • Absolutely no campaign posts allowed.
    This includes posts containing ANY campaign verbiage whether in whole or in part. Contributing to the debate is encouraged, provided you do NOT add "VOTE ABCD!!!" (or similar to the post itself). Simply rebutting another's post or opinion with "XYZ sucks" is totally unacceptable.
    To be clear:
  • Please do not create a post with the sole purpose to campaign for a character!
  • Do not add “VOTE FOR XYZ CHARACTER!!” anywhere in your post even if the intent isn't to purely campaign.
    We want intelligent, decent and fun discussions about the weekly Rounds and the subsequent winners & losers.
  • No Image campaigning.
    Do not create a post with an image or collage representation of a campaign poster. In other words: a PhotoShopped image of the character you want people to vote for with “vote for” text added to it.

Posting Etiquette:
  • Please do not cross post information about this tournament in other AnimeSuki threads.
    Keep all Anime Saimoe Tournament posts, campaigns, character information, voting links, etc., within this thread only or in your signature (signature size limits still apply).
  • No "meta-posting".
    Meaning: posting about another poster, the thread or about another post itself, is forbidden and will be deleted on-the-spot, regardless of intention. If you want to comment about another poster that’s off-topic and/or personal, send them a PM.
  • Any flame-baiting will be deleted and those people banned.
    Please keep the thread positive, fun and clean. If your choice doesn’t win the Round and you can’t discuss the fact without complaining, swearing and baiting people into arguments, then don’t post.
  • Do not create image only posts.
    You can, however, include an image with your discussion. If you want to visually support the character you’re voting for then please do so in the context of your original discussion and use only one or two images. We would encourage the use of “thumbnails” if possible (and please, no large images). PM the mods if you need help with posting thumbnail images.

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