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I bought a R5 3600 and it's to hot

After 13 years I have finally bought a new pc. I got now a Ryzen 5 3600.

Problem is it reaches high temperatures when using a lot of CPU. Reaching 102 C.

My case has 2x 120mm fan getting air at the front and 1 120mm fan getting air out in the back. It's possible to put 2 more 120mm fan at the top.

BTW, I am using the stock cooler.

I don't really like to buy water cooling solutions. We shouldn't be using water near electrical stuff.

The room where my pc is using hot coz in the afternoon is getting the full wrath of the sun

Should I buy a new cooler for CPU or add 2 more 120mm fan at the top?

In case of getting a new cooler for the CPU can you recommend from air solutions in this site that is a pc store near me. BTW, site is in portuguese.

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